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As many of you who follow Rabbit Ridge know, we have enjoyed a wonderful relationship with Trader Joe’s. We were honored to collaborate with Trader Joe’s to get our Allure de Robles to your home and table. Many of our valued customers – also committed to our mission of enjoying a really good wine for a very reasonable price – have also enjoyed the ease of immediately obtaining our Allure de Robles through our relationship with Trader Joe’s rather than waiting for the wine to be delivered. Over the years we have received continual positive feedback about how such small things make a big difference in people’s everyday lives. Sadly, we have lost our ability to provide our Allure de Robles to you from Trader Joe’s. A number of our customers have expressed their dismay about this present situation, and we feel that in fairness to all our faithful and devoted customers we need to communicate that we wish this situation was different. We will continue to work on a solution to change the present circumstances. Until then, we have decided that our commitment to you requires some accommodation. Therefore, please enjoy our Allure de Robles 2014 at the special price offering of $90 a case plus tax, and the added gift of shipping included in California and 50% off shipping out-of-state. We invite you to let us know your thoughts and ideas about this issue, as we have always made this wine for you. Please call us at 805-467-3331 to speak with us personally. Your enjoyment of our wine – the product of our hard work – is what makes us most proud. Let us continue to serve you. Shipping offer: California shipping is included in the price, East Coast discount $28, West Coast discount $21 for 12 bottles at 50% off.

Tasting notes on the 2014 Allure de Robles: from a consumer:

I received the wine today, thanks very much.  The first thing I did was open one, tasting it after about ten minutes of exposure to air: it showed wonderful “bones” even then; after an hour and a half, it was touched with muted cherry (not the “cherry coke” sweetness found elsewhere), and tobacco, with structure that suggests a long life in the cellar if one wants to do that (I know the promotional material says 3 to 5 years down).  I likened it to a merlot you made several years ago, which was equally admirable (a real wine, instead of “softly, softly”).   It also reminded me of a cru bourgeois I had years ago called Chateau Cisac, which is so popular in Europe, there apparently isn’t enough to export; I haven’t seen it here for a long time.  This Allure is a departure from past vintages and also superior to any Rhone wine I’ve ever had.  Bravo to Rabbit Ridge.  You made a winner. This isn’t the last case I’ll buy.     S

Allure de Robles Rhone Style Red Wine is the largest volume wine produced at Rabbit Ridge. We know that with the many pressures of everyday life, we all need Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday night wines- wines that do not break the bank but deliver great flavor and value. Winemaker Erich Russell grew up with this concept of drinking the value wines of the Cote du Rhone in France. Read more about Allure

2014 ALLURE de Robles

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