Our 2017 Extra Virgin Olive "New Oil” (Olio Nuovo) was picked and pressed November 30th 2017. Order now to experience the revelation! Olio Nuovo is the freshest extra virgin olive oil possible– straight from the olive press. Think of it as extra virgin olive oil that has not had time to rest- cloudy with unsettled particles of antioxidant polyphenols. The color varies from lime green to creamy gold, depending on the varietal and when it is harvested. New Oil will only be available for two weeks. After that, the oil will be racked to a tank for a month or so to settle. By January, the oil will be ready again for sale in its more mellow state.

You don't really know olive oil until you've tasted Olio Nuovo. This first-of-the-season pressing is the true essence of olive oil. It is fresh, fruity and feisty. Olio Nuovo is released only once a year, right now! New oil has a pungent, fruity, rustic character long famed by the Italians. In northern Italy, it is referred to as Olio Nuovo, in Southern Italy as Olio Novella. Olive oil in this stage is still rich with suspended particles of chlorophyll-laden olive essence that give it a bold, green color with intense, rich olive flavor.

Our Olive Diva/Rabbit Ridge extra virgin olive oil won Gold and Silver medals at the California Central Coast’s Olive Oil competition each year and the 2009 vintage won “Best in Class”. Our extra virgin olive oil is creamy and unctuous with an explosive peppery finish. It should be enjoyed at its heightened color and flavor in some simple but traditional ways: a good loaf of rustic bread, sliced and grilled, then slathered with the new oil and a pinch of grey salt, or on a salad of fresh tomatoes, buffalo mozzarella, and basil. For the purists, like some of us at Rabbit Ridge, we like to sip it from a cup right from the mill. We look for the intense pepper on the finish and chuckle at who will cough first.  Enjoy this once a year, highly anticipated delicacy.

Olive Diva/Rabbit Ridge ‘New Oil” will only be available for two weeks and by special order. Our Olio Nuovo is available by email on this page and for pick up at the Winery Friday, Saturday and Sunday 11am-4:30pm. We are traveling until Dec 18th so bottling and shipping will start Dec 19th and 20th. Pick up begins on Dec 22nd.

We will be bottling Dec 19-20th.

Shipping will begin Dec. 20th, 2017

Pick-Up will begin Dec 22th, 2017.

Purchase price $30 for 375ml  and $60 for 750ml - Place your order NOW for pre-release!

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"Mario Batali is a self-described "biggest fan" of Olio Nuovo. He calls it is his "green-gold love juice." 

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Joanne Russell
Rabbit Ridge Winery and Olive Diva
1172 San Marcos Road, Paso Robles, CA 93446.


It is Olio Nuovo Time!

Extra Virgin Olive Oil- First Cold Press