Our Extended Family

Maria Rodriguez

Robert Pierce

Mike Sanford

Dena Bellman

The Rabbit Hole

Erich and Joanne Russell


- Tasting Room Manager, Executive Office Assistant, and Hospitality


- Cellar Master, Social Media Director, and Hospitality

Owner/President   and   Founder/Winemaker

Our Family

Sarah Fleming and Brice Garrett

Rabbit Ridge and Russell Family Wines are family owned and operated for 35 years. Founder, Erich Russell is one of the only Owner/Winemakers' in the industry that still works in the cellar.


Erich first started making homemade wine while teaching track and field at San Diego High School. In 1979, Erich was offered a cellar job at Chateau St. Jean after the Winemaker tasted his wine in an amateur Winemaking contest. Erich took a "leap of faith" and left his teaching job to begin working for Chateau St. Jean.

​Press Release:

Meet the Russells of Rabbit Ridge Winery

 by Robin Black