Written by Joanne Russell 

174  page, Hard Cover, 3lb. 

9.5" X 12" Cocktail Table Size


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I began writing this cookbook years ago when I was single. I was so passionate about food that I would plan my day around every meal. For me, eating divine food was the most important luxury I could have. I was fortunate to have had a career that exposed me to great dining and cuisine in Manhattan, New York. It was this experience that fueled my career as a caterer in my late 20’s. Through the years I have explored many different styles of food preparation. But the one thing that has stayed consistent in my development as a cook and that is my expectation for perfection in the kitchen. It is this desire for perfection that has caused this book to take 15 years to write. I am now 59 and married to Erich Russell, owner and winemaker of Rabbit Ridge Winery, and I am blessed with the most amazing daughter who is my angel and my guiding light. Although I no longer have the time to cook as elaborate as I did before I owned a winery with my husband, great food and wine are still my passion. This book is filled with simple and not so simple recipes. Use them for those special occasions, and for the everyday dinner. I have paired many of the recipes in this book with our wine, as a suggestion; but as always, drink what you enjoy.


There are a few ingredients that I feel very strongly about. Substituting these staples will dramatically change the recipe. Therefore, please consider the following. First, high-quality Extra Virgin Olive oil is a must. It can be pricy, but regular olive oil does not have the best flavor. Second, buy high-quality cheese, like Reggiano Parmigiano, Grana Padano, and fresh mozzarella. Again, these fine cheeses make all the difference. Third, season the recipe correctly. Use fresh herbs, if possible, and try not to over or under salt. Fourth, the recipes in this book refer to unsalted butter. Finely, and obviously, use a very good wine to cook with. In most instances, the wine I have suggested as a pairing should be the wine used in the recipe. Cheers and Salute’, Joanne James Russell

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