Rabbit Ridge Winery and Vineyards

​SPRING 2017 Wine Club

  •  Please read- "A note from your winemaker" first as Erich explains a few wines in the club.
  • Our Wine Club is close to capacity. Thank you for your being a part of our family. We are currently starting a waiting list for new members. Please keep your personal and payment information current in order to keep your status active.
  • In the past, we have been able to customize some of the shipments, unfortunately, we have found it is just too difficult to do any longer. Erich has to know how much wine to make for wine club as they are bottled specifically for the shipments. You are welcome to purchase your favorite wines in addition or throughout the year, but as a wine club member, we appreciate you taking the club selection first.
  • A note from Joanne: Being a member of a wine club (ours or anyone else's) requires a sense of adventure and a connection to the winery and/or family. I want to personally thank everyone as I know how difficult it can be with shipping, taste preferences and life schedules. I know circumstances can change with you; just as we sometimes have to make changes to be able to run the business. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for taking the journey with us.

Set prices have been established for Spring 2017 wine club as follows: In a few instances, we were able to drop the price quite a bit. Tax is included. We are also rounding the price.

(Click on club title to view wines)

Regular Mix

6 bottles $119 (includes tax) / double for 12 

Regular Red

6 bottles $119 (includes tax) / double for 12 

Reserve Mix

6 bottles $ 140 (includes tax) / double for 12

Reserve Red

6 bottles $194 (includes tax) / double for 12 

All White Wines

Similar to last offering due to limited white wine selection
6 bottles $91 (includes tax) / double for 12 

Tax is included in the price. Shipping will be added, if applicable. Out-of-State shipping prices are exactly what Pack-n-Ship (our shipper) charges us for UPS and FedEx. We do not pad this or make a profit on shipping. When we use GSO in CA, AZ, NV and NM it is less expensive because we use our recycled Rabbit Ridge boxes. Basically, shipping 6 bottles to the West Coast is $17 and to the East Coast is $35.

March Wine Club Schedule:

3/1/17- Begin charging Will-Calls and California cards
3/10/17- Will-Calls ready for pick-up
3/13/17- California wines ship
3/11/17- Begin charging out-of-state credit cards
3/20/17- Out-of-State ship

If we ship to you, and you will be out of town on the above dates 
contact Joanne

All wines are new releases except the all white club and the regular club who will get 1 Bunny Cuvee' since we are out of all other Cabernet Sauvignon wines at this time. Bunny Cuvee' is perfect for Easter and Springtime with its Easter colored label. Bunny Cuvee's great price point will also help keep the price down.