Our Mediterranean style winery is an extremely high-tech, gravity flow design that uses the sloping hillside to transfer wine.

The crush pad is behind the winery at the very top of the hill. The press area and tank room are 22 feet below the crush pad. The use of gravity flow is much gentler on the grapes, which helps to preserve the quality of our wines.

Our tanks are monitored and run 
by a computer so that all the temperatures and rates of fermentation can be precisely controlled. At the end of fermentation, a graph is printed showing the fermentation temperatures each day during harvest.

The winery is also equipped with automatically timed pump-over devices on each tank. These devices allow Erich and the guys to pump-over the red wines at least six times per day, producing a more extracted, colorful, flavorful, full-bodied wine. The bottling room, barrel 
room and tasting room are 22 feet below the tank room.